MiHub Advertisements

Build For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs

Gain Power Over Your Advertising

Targeted Audience

Serve ads to millions of usres from all over the world. Find the audience that is most likely to engage.

Responsive Display

Responsive advertisements will display beautiful on any device.

Marketing Budget

Refine campaign settings, adjust the budget, edit your targeting and test creatives - all that in just a few clicks

Ad Targeting & Visibility

MiAds works based on the ad targeting chosen by you, the advertiser.
You choose your desired audience and we then show the ads to the people that matches to the ad targeting.


Between 18-30 years old



25 years old


Get The Results That Matter To Your Business

Choose Package

Choose package, campaign, and goal for your new advertisement

Ad Targeting

Choose design, format, and configure your target audience

The Ad Is Created

Your ads will automatically display on every page on MiHub


Create more ads and get more customers to your content .


Do you sell my data?

No! We do not sell your data to advertisers. We display your ads based on the Targeting Audience chosen by you without sharing any user information including name, posts or any other content posted on MiHub

How can I improve Ads display?

Your ads will display beautiful if you upload good quality Images, Videos & Content to your ads. Choose high quality artwork, relevant & specific content which can interest your audience will increase your CTR. The more appealing Images & Content will be, the more traffic you will get


Ads on MiHub will be displayed on pre-defined Pages in various slots including activity feeds

Users may choose to report or hide the ads which they will not find relevant or suitable for them.