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    Live For Jesus - Tim Tebow
    You don't have to make a billion dollars to live a life of significance. By serving others and living a life that God would be proud of we live a life of significance.
    You Have The Power To Be A Point of Light
    Tyler Perry’s inspiring speech is a remarkable story of overcoming limitations and a lesson to us all that we have the power to be a point of light in someone’s life. Despite his humble beginnings and the difficulties he experienced as a child, Tyler Perry managed to become a renowned actor, writer, producer, comedian and director.
    Bitcoin-Powered Fake Auction Case
    15 People Plead Guilty in Bitcoin International Cyber Fraud
    Skeletal Muscle Injuries
    Muscle tears are almost unavoidable injuries which plague active individuals such as athletes primarily. However, much like individuals, muscles tears are not equal to each other.
    Extravagant Goodness
    Jesus is passing through the crowd heading for the house of Jairus, so that he might raise the ruler's dead daughter. He is so extravagant in His goodness that He works another miracle on His way there.
    Staggering $35,000,000,000 in Bitcoin Is Forever Lost
    Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis says 3.72 million Bitcoin worth $35 billion is lost, unlikely to be recovered.