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  • Motlatsi Liphoko

    Is Relaxing the Lockdown Regulations Appropriate?

    Posted by Motlatsi Liphoko 10 hours ago - 3 votes - 1 view
    The government has relaxed the lockdown regulations amid the increasing cases of Covid-19,do you think the decision is appropriate? Kindly record your opinion as directed below.
  • Nonhlanhla Radebe

    Eff Hand Sanitizer for Supporters

    Posted by Nonhlanhla Radebe Mon at 5:28 PM - 3 votes - 6 views
    The Eff will be providing it's supporters with hand sanitizer during the Coronavirus outbreak. Do you think this is crass and cheap politicking by the party, as this is a global pandemic and political affiliations must be set aside or they're justified in looking out for their own?
  • Mamello  Mlangeni

    Does She(Ntsiki Mazwai) have a point or not? Link below

    Posted by Mamello Mlangeni Mar 29 - 1 vote - 10 views
    'Ntsiki's shocking letter to Ramaphosa is disappointing and uncalled for' - Thami Mazwai - https://www.sowetanlive.co.za/news/south-africa/2020-03-28-ntsikis-shocking-letter-to-ramaphosa-is-disappointing-and-uncalled-for-thami-mazwai/
  • Motlatsi Liphoko

    Is the world winning the Covid-19 Battle?

    Posted by Motlatsi Liphoko Mar 23 - 3 votes - 11 views
    Covid-19 cases continue to rise around the world in spite of the lock-downs and stringent measures to contain it. Do you think the world is winning this battle, kindly answer the questions below to record your opinion.
  • Motlatsi Liphoko

    Given The Measures Can South Africa Defeat The Coronavirus ?

    Posted by Motlatsi Liphoko Mar 17 - 5 votes - 21 views
    The Government, on the 15th March 2020, announced a range of measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus in South Africa, do you think the will be effective? Kindly record you opinion as directed below.
  • Lefa Ralethohlane

    Masechaba Ndlovu's appointment as a new spokesperson

    Posted by Lefa Ralethohlane Mar 13 - 4 votes - 25 views
    The Department of Arts and Culture has appointed the media personality (Masechaba Ndlovu) to be the new minister's spokesperson. Do you believe this is a rightful appointment? The meaning appointment, do it mean she applied (filed the Z83), shortlisted, and interviewed like any other candidate? Not undermining our sister; however, do she have the required qualification and skills to represents t
  • Motlatsi Liphoko

    Should the Current Public Protector Resign?

    Posted by Motlatsi Liphoko Mar 11 - 4 votes - 28 views
    After a series of adverse verdicts and scathing judgments against the current Public Protector, there are calls, from various sectors of society, for her to resign, what is your opinion on the matter? Kindly register your answer as directed below.
  • Motlatsi Liphoko

    Should those Implicated in State Capture be Pardoned ?

    Posted by Motlatsi Liphoko Mar 11 - 2 votes - 21 views
    An opinion has been expressed that those implicated in the state capture commission, if found guilty, should be pardoned, share your opinion by answering the questions,below.
  • Motlatsi Liphoko

    Can South Africa Withstand The Corona Virus?

    Posted by Motlatsi Liphoko Feb 29 - 2 votes - 32 views
    The Corona Virus, regarded as one of the deadliest threat ever to strike the human race, has the world gripped in fear and panic as new cases are reported daily worldwide. Given the domestic socio-economic dynamics, do you think South Africa has the capacity to handle such a threat? Record your opinion below.
  • Frans J Jooste

    Who is to blame for Xenophobia attacks?

    Posted by Frans J Jooste September 4, 2019 - 6 votes - 335 views
    The current attacks on foreigners in South Africa cause many families to be displaced. Who is to blame for this? Please comment below